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Woocommerce – Bitrix24 CRM – Integration – Instructions

Step 1 – Installation

Note: This plugin requires the Woocommerce plugin.
Note: The plugin requires a minimum 5.4 PHP version.

WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. Go to `Plugins` -> `Add New`.
  2. Click `Upload Plugin`.
  3. Upload `Woocommerce – Bitrix24 CRM – Integration` plugin zip file.
  4. Activate it after the upload is complete.

Manual upload – FTP, SSH, SFTP etc:

  1. Unzip `Woocommerce – Bitrix24 CRM – Integration` plugin zip file.
  2. Upload it to your `WordPress` plugin directory (usually /wp-content/plugins ).
  3. Go to `Admin` -> `Plugins` and activate it.

Step 2 – Settings in CRM

Go to your `Bitrix24` -> `Applications` -> `Web hooks`.

Click `ADD WEB HOOK`. Choose `Inbound web hook`.

Check `CRM` and `Chat and Notifications (im)`. Click the button `SAVE`.

Copy value from `REST call example URL` without `profile/`.

Step 3 – Crm integration settings

Go to the Woocommerce -> Bitrix24.

Insert in the field `Inbound web hook` copied value and click `Check webhook`.

Configure the type of lead, status, and fields.

Save settings.

Additional information

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